Billing program Easyhotspot (english script installer and russian manual)

Billing program Easyhotspot (english script installer and russian manual)

ZIP-archive, which includes the script installer billing program Easyhotspot and the manual INSTALLATION AND SETUP WI-FI HOTPOT, USING CHILLISPOT, FREERADIUS AND EASYHOTSPOT

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The installation script will allow you to install a modified version of the billing Easyhotspot.

In case of Ubuntu and Debian distributions the installation is automatic, and you only need to answer a few questions that are asked in plain human language. For other Linux and BSD distributives, the program can be installed manually according to the instructions «УСТАНОВКА И НАСТРОЙКА WI-FI ХОТСПОТА С ИСПОЛЬЗОВАНИЕМ CHILLISPOT, FREERADIUS И EASYHOTSPOT» (manual is on russian language and included in archive together with the program!).

The installation is possible both on a real computer (server) and virtual (VPS or VDS). The server can work both in the local hotspot gateway mode and in the external RADIUS server that manages the routers located remotely.

After installing the billing Easyhotspot will be able to provide service:

  • by «vouchers» (prepaid mode)
  • «regular» clients (postpaid mode)
  • guests clients in fully automatic mode;
  • forced display of an advertising (any other) page to clients before they gain access to the Internet;

The program has no restrictions on the number of tariffs, vouchers, customers, serviced routers.

This lot DOES NOT INCLUDE any automated payment modules, they need to be purchased separately!

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